The covid-19 pandemic confined people in homes and this thing made kids bored because little ones cannot sit in one place and like to play outdoor games. In such instances, parents wondered how to keep their kids busy in healthy activities to keep their growth and learning elevated. Puzzles are deemed as mind games that challenge the concentration and learning skills of the child. The mental growth of the child gets better when the practice of puzzles is followed by him/her. Puzzle Master Reviews revealed that the online puzzle store sells diversified categories of puzzles ranging from wire puzzles, wooden puzzles, brainteasers, and 3D puzzles.

Puzzles and Family time

Puzzle games bring together family members, children often like to solve puzzles with their favorite uncles or aunts. That develops team learning and skills in children and makes their time with family member’s quality time that develops good memories. Jigsaw puzzles make the day of a kid cheerful, while helping family members also enjoy the calming effect that makes the family bonds stronger and aids the family unions. The engagement of kids and adults in puzzle games is advantageous for brain growth as it incorporates the left-brain and right brain and fully activates the brain.


Kids set targets to solve the puzzle in minimum possible time, solve complex puzzles which develop consistency in them and compel them to try to attain the set targets. Board puzzles help preschoolers and toddlers in learning about shapes, colors, animals, letters, and fruits. Different puzzle games are designed for different age groups aiding patience, goal setting, and fueling the desire to succeed in the goals. Children sit with their uncles and practice puzzle activities, compete with each other, observe the progress of the game, and how elders combine the right pieces together. This produces observatory skills in children.

Improvement of problem-solving skills

When adults and kids solve puzzles together with their age, it initiates good skills in them like developing abilities to solve complex problems which they encounter in their daily lives. Research revealed that adults who engage themselves in puzzle activities perform better at the workplace because they tend to exhibit more concentration and focus on work tasks than employees who do not participate in any mind games. Puzzle games advance memory, perceptual-visual skills, determination, and critical thinking of children and adults. Word search, logic puzzles, game puzzles, and crossword puzzles are some kinds of puzzles for people of varied age groups.


The USA celebrates national puzzle day to endorse mind exercise and to compel people to become part of activities that challenge brain thinking. The puzzle games are not just meant to serve the learning and growth of kids, but such activities are also designed to enhance the mental growth of adults. Moreover, children like to solve puzzle games with their uncles on family gatherings and occasions and learn from their strategy to solve the puzzle. These mind games enable kids to set goals, formulate plans and execute the plan according to the need of the game.